Roll Out Shelves Self Installation 


We have made installing your pull out shelves easy for you.  Just follow the instructions below and you should have your pull out shelves installed in just a few minutes.

IMPORTANT:  In order for pull out shelves to operate properly, drawer bracket and guides must be square.

To square bracket and guides follow this procedure:

Install 1.jpg

1. Remove Pull Out Shelf from bracket drawer guides.  You will need to tilt front of Pull Out Shelf slightly upwards to release the Pull Out Shelf from the guides secured to the bracket.

2.  Center front bracket between the cabinet opening.  Make sure the front of the guides are behind the face frame of the cabinet.  Screw down the front bracket.

3.. Measure distance from front bracket side to cabinet wall side (B) –  either right or left inside wall of the cabinet.  Note distance: __________

4. Move back bracket so it is the same distance from inside wall as measurement (B) of front bracket in Step 2.

5. Hold back bracket in place and screw down to shelf.  Your bracket is now square.

Install 2.jpg

6.  Replace Roll Out Shelf on bracket drawer guides inside your cabinet.  To replace Roll Out Shelf on drawer guides, slightly tilt front of Roll Out Shelf upwards and align drawer guide wheels on guide.

NOTE:  If mounting Roll Out Shelves to adjustable cabinet shelves, cabinet shelves must first be secured to avoid shelf tipping when Roll Out Shelf if extended.

install 4.jpg

Door Bumper guards are included in your package.  Install the bumper guard on the right or left front side of your Roll Out Shelf on the same side as the cabinet door.  The lip on the bumper guard is placed on the front of the Roll Out Shelf, with the longer part of the guard placed along the side of the Roll Out Shelf.  The guard is screwed in along the side of the Roll Out Shelf.  The Bumper Guard protects your door from being scratched by the guides.

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