For those that love DIY Projects we offer a self Installation option in 4 easy steps.

1.  Pick your shelving solutions
2. Measure your Cabinets
3. We build and ship them to you
4. You unpack and install

How to measure for your roll out shelves


1. Measure the opening width of your Cabinet

Open your cabinet door and measure the opening for the Pull Out Shelf.  Be sure to measure each shelf.
Watch for any obstructions on the sides (inside the cabinet and near hinges as well as the hinges themselves) that may prevent your shelf from fitting properly.

measure 3.jpg

2. Measure the inside depth of your Cabinet 

Measure behind the face frame to the back of the cabinet.  Watch for any obstructions in the back of the cabinet that may prevent your shelf from fitting properly.

IMPORTANT:  Measure each shelf opening where you plan to install Pull Out Shelves.  Some shelves – even in the same cabinet – may have different measurements.


Areas to Watch Out For When Measuring

Watch out for pipes, electrical conduits, etc. that will limit the front to back depth or side to side width.

Doors that don’t open fully and restrict the cabinet opening.
Hinges that protrude to restrict the opening width.
Door casing or other obstruction outside the cabinet that would limit the door from opening completely.
Write down your measurements for each shelf.  Be sure to note which area the shelf measurement is for such as left of range, right of dishwasher, etc.

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