About us.

Simply put, we are the best in the business.

We say it with confidence because our custom-crafted shelves are meticulously engineered and built locally by master craftsmen. We use only the finest and most durable materials available today.

They are crafted for a lifetime.

We realized early on that it is important to treat every client the way we want to be treated. We approach each relationship with respect, genuine care and concern. Seeking the best for others is our primary goal.

Once a client, you are family.

There is a good reason we don’t make the cheapest product available. It has everything to do with the lifetime guarantee we provide with our shelves. Why? We are passionate about building lifetime products and, in turn, lifetime friendships with our clients.

Serving your needs.

If there are any questions we can answer or input you have for us, we are easy to find—just call 916-331-4991.

These drawers changed my life.  No more bending.  Well the problem was never really the bending but getting back up again!

Jane Aspin

“These Shelves are the best. Not only do I need more but I want more.”

Kevin P.